RosalĂ­a Mera, the richest Spanish woman dies at the age of 69 from a stroke

Rosalia Mera was Amacio Ortega’s ex-wife. She die when being on vacations in Menorca Island at the age of 69. Rosalia was the co-founded of Inditex a Spanish conglomerate that owns Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius and several other brands. Read more »

What is Management Information Systems, MIS?

MIS is the steward of the bank’s data. Its function is to ensure information is accessible, correct and meaningful. MIS is not a IT coding shop. The team’s strength lies in joining business expertise with a technical background allowing MIS to be a bridge between LOB and IT. The team is a springboard for indentifying technical innovations and process improvements for the dissemination of information. Read more »

MIS Overview

Initially in businesses and other organizations, internal reporting was produced manually and only periodically, as a by-product of the accounting system and with some additional statistic(s), and gave limited and delayed information on management performance. Data was organized manually according to the requirements and necessity of the organization. As computational technology developed, information began to be distinguished from data and systems were developed to produce and organize abstractions, summaries, relationships and generalizations based on the data. Read more »