Who is the best F1 driver in history?


Who is the best F1 driver in history?

Answer this question is an impossible and perhaps meaningless task. Year after year are published surveys that it is better to place the role of driver in history to one or the other. Although in the first place there is no unanimity, there seems to be some consensus that Ayrton Senna provilegio entitled to that.

Brazilian quality is beyond doubt, but his career cut short in 1994 he was not allowed to reach figures Twisty, Juan Manuel Fangio, or Kaiser, Michael Schumacher. And there in lies the mixture of times a major impossibilities to say who is the best of all time. Compare motorsport who lived Juan Manuel Fangio with technological development time Schumacher is literally mixing apples with oranges.

In the latest survey, published by Autosport racing bible, were the pilots who have voted. More than 200 pilots and ex-pilots (noting the absence of the votes of Alonso, Hamilton or Raikkonene, is that they had no hand mobile) Formula 1 have voted to decide who was the best among the best.

That list is headed by Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio completed the podium. Fourth is Professor Alain Prost Ayrton Senna while finding the first British have to look at the fifth and sixth position: Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart respectively.

As for the drivers we have now on the grid, Fernando Alonso is ninth, Lewis Hamilton, seventeenth, Kimi Raikkonen, twenty-second, Sebastian Vettel is twenty-sixth and last year's champion, Jenson Button sneaks into the Top 40 with his thirtieth position.

You think? quie is the best? Fernando Alonso?

The Spaniard meets all premises: on the importance of his time, and that ended the era in which Schumacher won five consecutive World German and also back then broke all records for earliness until the time - as the youngest champion, untouched since it Fittipaldi won his first World Cup in 1972 - and the impact it had, as it generated a mass phenomenon around him in a country with virtually no tradition in Formula 1

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